Has America been made ‘great?’ Real facts included here!

It has been a year so let’s see how America has been made ‘great’

There has been moral corruption in the White House with new allegations of sexual misconduct by you know who while his wife was pregnant with their child Barron, heads of Cabinet departments leaving office due to financial corruption, major funding cuts in public education by a Cabinet level official who supports private charter schooling, major cuts and more limited access to Medicaid, Medicare and Obamacare, aid to the elderly, poor and disabled persons slashed along with housing aid and food benefits for the poor and most importantly suppressing the right to vote for minorities, legal immigrants and students who generally vote Democratic. On the horizon are measures to privatize Social Security and outsource veteran’s healthcare. These measures have been enacted on the back of major tax cuts to the extremely rich with limited benefit for the middle class. Fracking in many States has caused thousands of earthquakes while pumping toxic chemicals into the ground and polluting the ground water ecology. There has also been an unprecedented amount of outright lies and obfuscations emanating from the white house to deride and mock anyone who doesn’t agree with their policies. This is a new low for the standards those in power have sworn to uphold.

Specifically, from the Center on Budget and Policy priorities; President Trump’s 2018 budget proposal calls for more than $193 billion in cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) over the next ten years ― a more than 25 percent cut.  The bulk of the cuts (about $116 billion) would come from abandoning the federal commitment to provide food assistance to low-income Americans through a national program. This proposal would severely undercut one of the nation’s most effective anti-poverty programs and risk resurrecting serious problems that our country has largely solved.  Instead, in a massive cost-shift, the budget would force states to pay 25 percent of the cost of SNAP benefits while allowing states to cut benefits — flexibility many would likely need to take to ease this new financial mandate.  This proposal would severely undercut one of the nation’s most effective anti-poverty programs and risk resurrecting serious problems that our country has largely solved — severe hunger and malnutrition.

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Why has the stock market continued to rise? Federal regulations are now gutting worker standards, limiting worker’s ability to organize and have cut water and air quality standards which is good for business and bad for quality of life issues. Most of this has been accomplished by people in charge of Cabinet level departments who have enacted programs that are antithetical to the basic protections these positions are supposed to enforce. That’s why when someone says to you that ‘he’s making America great again’ just realize that they either have no clue and are parroting the blather of the ‘real fake news’ and don’t delve into the real issues with a balanced, moral, ethical and intelligent compass or they’re racist misogynist bigots and probably nazi-type sympathizers who hate any form of immigration. That’s my opinion.

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