Driver-less cars here? R U kidding?

Driving a car in Miami-Dade County is equal to the pain of pulling out your own fingernails, but at least that pain will subside with medication.

Technology may have taken hold but it shouldn’t wrap its capability around the very throat that screams at the other drivers. Ford announced that it will do a large-scale test of its driver-less technology in a challenging urban environment. They chose Miami-Dade County. Were they aware that we bite back? Why do we want cars on our roads that operate within the bounds of the law? Don’t we already drive as if no one is at the wheel?

Don’t they see the ‘man versus machine’ problem they’ll have? Have they heard (or read) about our reputation? Let’s set aside the fact that the phrase ‘challenging urban environment’ was born and bred right here on our streets. One of the problems is that it’s hard to tell from the rear whether it’s a driver-less car or a tiny senior.

Car of the future or death trap of today?

Will their ‘test’, test our ‘street resolve’? When we drive, we morph into a hybrid being who will not give an inch, will not stop completely at any stop sign and will not allow anyone and I MEAN ANYONE to butt in front of us at the exit no matter how helpless or what type of menacing glance they happen to throw our way.

The only good aspect is when the driver-less car with pizza arrives, there’s no person to tip but you’ve got to go out to the curb and carry it to your own door.

We’re the 5th most congested city in the country, always running late and amped on café Cubano. I think the biggest problem we’ll have is that there’s no one to yell at. Where else could we vent? Oh yeah, anywhere else.

If you get a ‘driver-less car’ and want to go somewhere without the stress of dealing with traffic all that’s left is the stress of not being able to get where you’re going on time.

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