Wagner, Hand and Pflug ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ June 5th

This coming Monday June 5th at 10AM ‘On the record and Off the Wall’ a deep background interview show welcomes Nancy Wagner, Robert Hand and Jamie Pflug, known as Wagner, Hand and Pflug.

They’re a multi instrumental acoustic/electric trio who sing in 2 and 3 part harmonies. They are ‘American Nomads’ as their original song goes, who have a passion for good time folk rock and classic rock performed with a joyful heart and an infectious Spirit. As the de-facto house band at the legendary Luna Star café in North Miami, they bring the tuneful ambiance of the great new York style coffee houses to a fervent audience.

Nancy Wagner, Robert Hand and Jamie Pflug

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The Off the Wall segment will include valuable information on the practice of animal testing and what can happen when they fail the test. We have an update on the health care bill and a reminder of who to blame when you do get sick.

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