Twisted Coyote go ‘On the record and Off the wall’ with Buzz Fleischman

Hello friends of great music and humor,

Monday June 19th at 10AM we go live and feature a combination of Williee Armellini’s ‘Twisted Williee’ and  Ernie Garza’s ‘Coyote’ who have merged to form Twisted Coyote with Williee Armellini on Keyboards ,Harp, guitar and vocals, Ernie Garza on Bass and Vocals, Terence Bagby on Guitar, trumpet and vocals. They’ll perform live in the studio. We had to photo-shop Terence into the picture…..he hates cameras!

Rounding out the band is Rob Conde on guitar and vocals and Nick Legido on drums. It should be a rockin’ good time!

Our Off the Wall segment includes an expose of what the FDA says are ‘natural or unavoidable defects’ in foods fit for human use that present no health hazard. Oh Yeah? And a look at a Florida Keys rat that is docile and friendly to humans.

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