Buzz on the air

The Radio Buzz: Satire and intelligent comedy, which aired on NPR affiliate WLRN. Topics ran the gamut of the human experience. Examples below.
Radio Interviewer:
Billy Corben, Joe Donato, Graham Wood Drought, Lewis Black, Dave Barry, Roy Blount Jr., Margaret Cho and Sandra Bernhard, among others, have been interviewees.

 "On the Record & Off the Wall" with host Buzz Fleischman

Rod MacDonald and Farah Iman

Bruce Turkel

Jessie Jones Jr. with Rick Katz
Richard Fendelman's 360 degree camera

Carol Connors

Rachelle Coba

Eric Garcia - "Uncle Scotchy"



Wagner, Hand & Pflug

The 18 Wheelers

Michael Stock

Peter Betan

Kristina Wong

Aaron Lebos

Amy Carol Webb

Billy Corben

Tom Shed

Buzz Fleischman and Kenny Wynn

Ricky Validovalido and Daniel Judah Pulver

Solar Dogs


Richard Fendelman's 360 degree camera in the studio with Buzz, CL Cool and Petey B and call ins from Jack McDermott and Brute Force.
Please note: The first 23 minutes of this broadcast
is the pre-show warmup.

Richie Minervini

Williee Armellini Ernie Garza & Terence Bagby


Carlos Pereira & Mark Taylor


Joe Pera

Diane Ward and Jack Shawde

Mr. Ree: Carlos Hernandez,
Daniel Ben Zebulon & Terence Bagby

Alexis Sanfield owner of
Luna Star Cafe with special guests

Valerie C. Wisecracker

King Mango Strut

 Joe Donato

Grant Livingston

Graham Wood Drout of Iko-Iko

Welcome to the Radio Buzz ...