Buzz on the air

The Radio Buzz: Satire and intelligent comedy, which aired on NPR affiliate WLRN. Topics ran the gamut of the human experience. Examples below.
Radio Interviewer:
Billy Corben, Joe Donato, Graham Wood Drought, Lewis Black, Dave Barry, Roy Blount Jr., Margaret Cho and Sandra Bernhard, among others, have been interviewees.

 "On the Record & Off the Wall" with host Buzz Fleischman

Peter Betan

Kristina Wong

Aaron Lebos

Amy Carol Webb

Billy Corben

Tom Shed

Buzz Fleischman and Kenny Wynn

Mr. Ree: Carlos Hernandez,
Daniel Ben Zebulon & Terence Bagby

Alexis Sanfield owner of
Luna Star Cafe with special guests

Valerie C. Wisecracker

King Mango Strut

 Joe Donato

Grant Livingston

Graham Wood Drout of Iko-Iko

Welcome to the Radio Buzz ...