Sarah Giustra, Eric Adzima Facebook Live ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’

Two emerging singer/songwriters appear ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ a deep background interview show on joltradio with Buzz Fleischman. Go to:
We present these talented performers in a special Facebook Live show which will also air on on April 2nd 10AM, our regular show schedule.
South Florida Alternative rock musician Eric Adzima, released his third album, Landfill Novelties, taking a new look at the modern world. “That’s how she knows all the guys are homophobes.”  “No means no when the jack hits bone.”  “Often decent means wearing shoes of cement when swimming in a sea of cheap amusement.” Prepare for an edgy performance!
Adzima credits artists like Aimee Mann, Green Day, and The Smiths as his lyrical inspirations. Prepare to be lyrically mesmerized!

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Eric Adzima latest songs

Sarah Giustra is a gifted songwriter who brings a comfortable social awareness to her songs with an easygoing style. Throughout her life, music has been a means of healing and self-discovery. She enjoys storytelling, and the powerful connection that can be found through a song.

Sarah Giustra, Singer/Songwriter

A heartfelt musician, she captivates listeners at open mics. To move someone with a song is one of her greatest joys. Sarah has several cowritten songs in production, and will be releasing them in the near future, as singles, and on singer/songwriter, DanCarlos’s upcoming album, Voices 13. We look forward to experiencing this unsung talent.

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