Robert Bidney, singer/songwriter ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ 9/4 10AM

This coming Monday September 4th at 10AM ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’, a deep background interview show on with Buzz Fleischman, welcomes an American original to the studio. Robert Bidney is a singer/songwriter as well as having written and produced national radio / tv commercial music / jingles.

Robert Bidney singer/songwriter

Music News wrote, “Robert Bidney is a strong, new voice on the indie album scene that’s been a long-time coming.” His messages are as strong as his melodies with an appealing pop / soul sensibility, leaving listeners wanting more. His songs have been covered by legends in the music industry. With songs on the national charts, his album “IT’S ALL ABOUT THE LOVE” is gaining traction as he continues to tour. We’ll delve into his musical history and check the back story.

Our ‘Off the Wall’ segment will cover a problem we all experience. Don’t bug me. It’s a new national ‘Do Not Disturb’ list

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