Rachelle Coba Blues ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ Monday 10AM Joltradio.org

10AM Monday, Aug 7th Rachelle Coba appears live in studio on Buzz Fleischman’s ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ a deep background interview show on Joltradio.org

Rachelle Coba Blues!!

A triple threat artist, Rachelle, a Singer/songwriter, guitarist and blues maker, has travelled with Matt (Guitar) Murphy as his music director. Her guitar style walks that fine line between the technically flawless and the emotionally charged. She has a vocal range that is second to none and her style has a timeless quality. We’re so happy to get the back story on her music and what makes her tick.

 Our ‘Off the Wall’ segment overflows with the vitriol being released from Washington D.C. And then there’s the late ‘Mooch’.  We discover what his Russian plan was before he too, got kicked off the team for excessive profanity and general ego driven bullshit. It’s yet to be seen if an esteemed General can do as Chief of Staff John Kelly tries to handle a petulant man-child squirming to protect his so called fiscal empire and freedom from prying legal eyes.

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