Is it really that crazy in the White house?

All we know is that, most times without even thinking it through, the president gets a bug up his royal ass about something he saw on Fox, or heard from one of his sycophants and immediately takes out his (Unsecured?) android phone to Tweet.

Aside from the fact that chaos has existed among the SCROTUS insiders to either keep his favor or back-stab others close to the seat of power, we can’t keep up with the vile BS that passes for news spilling from the White House. The new Communications Director Anthony “I don’t take no shit’ Scaramucci has roiled the waters with a profanity laden discourse to the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza.

Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski voted ‘No’ on a procedural vote to move the Trumpcare Bill to the Senate floor for a vote, so President Bully ordered his Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, to call Sen. Murkowski and threaten to withdraw federal support for massive infrastructure projects in her home state if she continued to oppose TrumpCare in the Senate. The strong arm tactic has earned a rebuke from Arizona Rep. Raul Grijalva (D) of the House Natural Resource Committee who called for a formal investigation into Sec Zinke.

Not even gonna mention the infamous boy scout ‘talk’.

‘Phew’, we can’t keep up, but some are speaking out in a significant way.

The amount of effluvial delirium emanating from his fingertips has gotten the attention of professional psychiatry.

A leading psychiatry group has told its members they should not feel bound by a longstanding rule against commenting publicly on the mental state of public figures, even the president.

no photo shop here…

The statement from the executive committee of the American Psychoanalytic Association to its 3,500 members is a total breach of the profession’s decades-old doctrine aimed at preventing experts from discussing the psychiatric aspects of politicians’ behavior, or ‘how crazy they may be’.

Many of its members will now be unconstrained about speaking openly about President Trump’s mental health.

While the (intelligent) general public has had this aberrational behavior in the forefront of their minds since he started campaigning, 45’s boot-lickers have deigned to say not a word.

The impetus for the new rule was “belief in the value of psychoanalytic knowledge in explaining human behavior,” said the psychoanalytic association past President. “We don’t want to prohibit our members from using their knowledge responsibly.”