Client testimonials


Keynote talk for the Dade Association of School Administrators August 27, 2014;

Buzz never disappoints. His presentation has humor and sarcasm that ties into the subject at hand. He integrates music and laughter into all his stories.  Most importantly, Buzz is very accommodating and flexible.  He was able to revise his speech at the last moment after the client decided to change the angle of the presentation.  Mingling with the guests allowed him to gather more informaiton that he used in his speech to keep the audience engaged.  Buzz is a professional and I always enjoy working with him.
Amy Simons
CEO & Creative Director - Details Etc Inc

I crafted a talk for the South Florida Associations for Financial Professionals. This is a group of bankers, CPA's, CFO's and other key local management level executives who require credits through continuing education for their ‘Certified Treasury Professional’ status.

This from Tom Marchesani CTP, board member of SFAFP: Thanks for speaking to our group. I had a lot of people at the meeting tell me they enjoyed your bit, especially the song. One member thought “What a joker in a government job.”

It started off slowly and seriously, but that’s not the way it ended up!

Posing as the person who crafted our notorious margins tax at the tax reform commission,you promised some relief for our group and every attendee was poised to save some money, but every time I looked around the room and saw someone making notes on one of your obvious off the wall remarks, I wanted to crack up, but I couldn’t!

As the talk progressed, more and more people were ‘getting it’ as they too, started looking around at the others. The closing was hilarious and the songs at the end were right on! Thank you again! Thanks Buzz!

Eric Donaldson
Texas Courier & Logistics Association

CLICK HERE for an edited 5 minutes of Buzz on YouTube as the DeputyAssistant under Secretary of the I.R.S. in a faux talk delivered to the National Transportation/ Logistics Association

Buzz, the talk you gave for our 2007 NTLA Roundtable in San Antonio was superb! You greatly exceeded our expectations!!

The time you spent attending our functions posing as ‘that IRS guy’ enabled you to produce relevant material that was so timely for our attendees.It was awesome! I don’t think it could have worked out better! Thank you so much for all the effort you put into this, you are a TALENT! The song you did at the end of the talk which incorporated all the slogans of the attendees was inspired!

It was a pleasure working with you; you were excellent! Thanks again for a great job!

Mark Tuchmann
Founder & CEO
BeavEx, Inc
Please feel free to use us as a reference.

As the Russian accented character “Boris Chernyenko,” Buzz Fleischman had a room full of Risk Managers almost believing that the only thing Russians fear about global warning is that it will cause the downfall of the ushanka industry. It was only until he ended his presentation by reciting the proverbial “small print” disclaimer in perfect American English that everyone realized they’d been had. This was most definitely one of the funniest presentations I have ever had the joy to listen to and it was a highlight of the insurance conference.

Ginny Penzell
El Paso Corporation
(Attendee at EIM conference, February 2006)

Buzz was a pleasure to work with….his genuine interest to understand the dynamic of our group, coupled with the extra time and effort to set the stage for his ultimate illusion, resulted in a most successful program. Thank you for the important part you played in the success of our program!

Martin L. Stein
Executive Director
National Parking Association



Buzz' character Boris Chernyenko appeared at the National Parking Association October 2005 Conference at the Fountainbleau Hilton on Miami Beach. After Boris' hilarious presentation on the parking systems of Russia, Buzz took 4 attendees through an amazing team building excercise that had the conference in awe. He graphically showed that when you work together as a team anything can be accomplished.

We howled!!!! I cannot begin to tell you how much we enjoyed your act. Inviting you and Kathy to join us at the cocktail reception and then sit with us for dinner as Boris and Katlinka Chernyenko was a brainstorm. Jim, Tom and Lisa fell for it "hook, line and sinker".

Your entertainment was original, fresh and hilariously funny! As I looked around at your audience I saw many of our guests wiping tears from their eyes from laughter. Of course, we were doing the same thing. The only problem with that is it messes up the make-up. Does it get any., better than that?

The song you wrote is priceless in its simplicity and "right on". The large words you showed the audience on the easel is now propped on a chair in my office. I look up and find myself humming to the tune of "This land is your land."

I wish you the very best in all your endeavors.

Sandy McCarthy - Vice President
Tom Thumb Convenience Stores