White House press release (And what it really means)

Here’s Wednesday’s White House press release. (We added the parentheses) Today, American Dream Week (More of a nightmare) continues at the White House. President Donald J. Trump is focused on empowering every American to achieve their dreams (Unless, of course, you’re black, any ethnicity other than true white ‘American’, poor, immigrant or not healthy enough […]

And then there’s the ‘Mooch’

With all the ‘fake news’ swirling around the internet, this has got to be the ‘fakest’. O.J. Free? Come on; the world is still flat, we didn’t really land on the moon and the President would never lie to us. And Charles Manson paroled? No, it’s got to be fake news. (It is) The only […]

Whoops! holy shit, we’re gonna get hit!

North Korea launched another missile test last week said the U.S. Pacific Command. The missile did not leave North Korean territory and did not pose a threat to North America because it landed 200 feet away from the launch pad. “That’s really far” said an observer, ‘We expected it to go across town.” The town, […]