Driver-less cars here? R U kidding?

Driving a car in Miami-Dade County is equal to the pain of pulling out your own fingernails, but at least that pain will subside with medication. Technology may have taken hold but it shouldn’t wrap its capability around the very throat that screams at the other drivers. Ford announced that it will do a large-scale […]

AYE JAYE: Yes he’ll be LIVE and on the inside in ‘Carny’ parlance ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ with Buzz Monday the 5th 10AM

‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ A deep background interview show with host Buzz Fleischman proudly presents one of the most unusual performers of our age! At 10AM Monday March 5th on a man will mystify, amaze and bamboozle you! That man’s name:  Aye Jaye! He is the most unbelievable performer/personality you’ll meet! […]


Comedian Dougie Almeida ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ with host Buzz Fleischman

The ‘Always Dangerous’ touring comedian Dougie Almeida appears Monday Feb. 5th 10AM with Buzz Fleischman  on the deep background interview show ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ on

The ‘Always Dangerous’ Dougie Almeida

Host of the Podbean podcast ‘Wake up Late with Dougie’ show, Dougie Almeida is a hard working comedian and comedy event producer who has taken the stage as a former professional Muay Thai kick boxer (Undefeated at 10-0) and professional We go behind the scenes with a South Florida working comic whose  brand of humor is vaulting him into the national spotlight.

Go to to hear the show or to see it live Monday 10AM February 5th.