Collecting dirt or data?

Techno-phobia:  an irrational fear, but some contend a justifiable one. This fear may have started when Thomas Edison invented the light bulb. Some people who were used to open flame for their light balked at utilizing a technology they didn’t quite understand. It may have prompted the joke, “How many people does it take to […]

‘The Devil’s Harvest’? Really?

Anti-pot group helps write new legislation The Drug Free America Foundation, who condemned the Florida medical marijuana initiative and was pounded by a 71.3% approval from voters, is helping write the new pot laws. That’s like Jenny Craig endorsing bacon wrapped pizza rolls.” “OK, we lost the vote” said conservative financiers Mel and Betty Sembler, […]

Why just the Two dollar bill?

#45 continues to hammer the ’dishonest media,” with, what he claims is its biased reporting and he noted presidents from “Jefferson, Jackson and Lincoln,” have had media problems as well. “Media was very much in its infancy in the nineteenth century’ said SCROTUS, “television especially, was very primitive in the days of Lincoln. People had […]