It’s just a snip…..don’t move

After leaking valuable intel to the Russians, which Israel said to never share with anyone, Trump will still get a decent welcome when he travels to the middle east in his first international trip. The Israeli government has offered to make him the honoree in a special ceremonial bris (Circumcision). “I wasn’t quite sure about […]

Childhood obesity: fake news?

Only six days after Department of Agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue was in office, he announced Monday that he would roll back Obama-era school nutrition standards. “Why should school children eat decent food? They’ll only be better equipped to learn, and then they’ll want to vote against people like me. Some of the new rules will break […]

Whoops! holy shit, we’re gonna get hit!

North Korea launched another missile test last week said the U.S. Pacific Command. The missile did not leave North Korean territory and did not pose a threat to North America because it landed 200 feet away from the launch pad. “That’s really far” said an observer, ‘We expected it to go across town.” The town, […]