And then there’s the ‘Mooch’

With all the ‘fake news’ swirling around the internet, this has got to be the ‘fakest’.

O.J. Free? Come on; the world is still flat, we didn’t really land on the moon and the President would never lie to us.

And Charles Manson paroled? No, it’s got to be fake news. (It is)

The only one who will benefit is Sean Spicer who was just paroled from the White House press Corps. Spicer’s days were numbered from the day he replied to the first lie by 45 with a quote by the cowardly lion from ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and repeated “I do believe in alternate facts, I do believe in alternate facts, I do believe in alternate facts, I do, I do, I do”.

We would like ‘I can pardon myself” to be fake news, but it is not. Trumplethinskin said “Witch hunt. Not guilty of anything but if I was, I would pardon myself. Not guilty. Not guilty. Not guilty, do you get it? Do I have to fire everyone one to prove it?”

There is also the term ‘preferred lies’ which refers to a rule that allows, under certain conditions, golfers to move their golf ball out of specific poor lies. All of 45’s ‘balls’ have been found to be ‘poor lies’.

The democrats rolled out a new slogan for the summer. “A Better Deal” won out over “We’re F#%*ked” and The Trump campaign plea to blacks “What have you got to lose?”

The jobs president asked for more H-2B visas during ‘America first’ week and 3 days later told the Dept. of labor they wanted approval to hire 76 guest workers for mar-A Lago. Now a cook making $13.34 an hour will prepare a $45 filet mignon and the profit margin should be acceptable.

And then there’s the ‘Mooch’.  Anthony Scaramuccie, the new communications director of the White House, is a cross between John Gotti with a PHD and Gordon Gecko from the movie ‘Wall Street’.

Gordon Gekko or Anthony Scaramuccie? You decide

“I remain loyal to the president and to the cause,” said Tough Tony. On the Russia stories, Scaramucci said that a “two-pronged approach” would work. “First we invite them to a public place, like an Italian restaurant in one of the neighborhoods. Then hide an agreement on enhanced sanctions behind the toilet, come out of the bathroom, slap it on the table and give them until dessert to make up their mind about invading any other countries.”