1984 is here now. 7 words banned by the CDC on direction from administration

One of comedian George Carlin’s best known pieces in 1972 was the one about The “Seven dirty Words You Can Never Say on Television”.

shit, piss, f*ck, c#nt, c*cksucker, motherf’er, and tits. And tits doesn’t even belong in that group. Fast forward to today’s climate of suppression and repression despite what the Constitution says about free speech.

The Cabinet level Dept. of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has under its logo the words…..Safer. Healthier.  People.

They can now add ‘ill-informed’ or their new slogan: “This is the first step to fascism “

It’s true that the current administration has no use for moving forward in our efforts to keep people healthy, educate our young in public schools, they’re suppressing and demonizing a free press, trampling on the rights of the poor, marginalizing religions other than Christian, continuing to move wealth to the 1% and anything they can get away with.

The Washington Post reported that the Trump Administration has now identified 7 words that the CDC can no longer use in official budget documents.

An ill-informed citizen is our goal

According to their article, Alison Kelly from the CDC’s Office of Financial Services met with senior CDC officials for 90 minutes and gave them the following list of banned words, not in any particular order because they all supposedly will be banned:

Vulnerable   entitlement   diversity   transgender  fetus  evidence-based   science-based

The now-taboo terms will not be used in official documents. Why are these words looked upon as harmful to a free and open discussion of the truth? This is a severe blow to freedom of expression in the United States.

Banning words, any words, went out with Nazis. When we defeated Hitler we struck a blow for freedom of speech and public discourse. Why is Trump threatened by these words? This man-child doesn’t have an empathetic bone in his body and speaks from his inflated ego without recourse to any intelligence unless it’s written for him.

Unless we rise up in legal and righteous indignation against the Orwellian Bullshit permeating this administration, we’re doomed to be an oppressed, suppressed and downtrodden people.

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