Troubadour Rod Macdonald ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ Dec 18th 10AM

With a deep history as a poet philosopher for social justice, Rod was a big part of the 1980s folk revival in Greenwich Village clubs, performing at the Speakeasy, The Bottom Line, Folk City, and the Songwriter’s Exchange at the Cornelia Street Cafe. Today, Rod tours extensively, performing at festivals and in clubs and concerts […]

Bruce Turkel ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ Monday Dec 4th 10AM

Our guest Monday Dec 4th at 10AM is Bruce Turkel, a modern day Renaissance man. He’s a branding expert, public speaker, author, musician, popular media commentator and runner. After this appearance “On the Record and Off the Wall’ he may be an ‘internet sensation’ as well! One can never tell what piques the curiosity of […]

2 emerging singer/songwriters ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ Monday 10AM

‘On the Record and Off the Wall’a deep background interview show on with Buzzzzzzzz Fleischman welcomes 2 emerging singer/songwriters. Daniel Judah Pulver now in Miami, but a regular on the Lower east Side music scene in NYC at CBGB Gallery, Crash mansion,169 Bar and more, has also been involved in music production here. With […]