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Mr Ree to appear ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’

  ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ is a ‘deep background’ interview show with singer/songwriters and comedians on http://www.joltradio.org This coming Monday February 20th at 10AM we go live with the music of Mr Ree, a popular South Florida trio comprising the artistry of Terrence Bagby, Daniel Ben Zebulon and Carlos Hernandez. THEY WILL […]

National touring performance artist Kristina Wong

Here’s how we rise up in comedy!  Kristina Wong gives listeners an insight into her ‘smash-mind social justice subversive, humorous, and endearingly inappropriate non-traditional, multi-disciplinary approach.’ Having said that, It should be a hell of a show!” Monday morning Feb 6th at 10AM we have the unique opportunity to host Kristina Wong ‘On the Record […]