A Steampunk adventure awaits ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’

‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ presents a special show on STEAMPUNK! Monday April 16th 10AM< on http://www.joltradio.org and watch the show at https://www.facebook.com/buzz.fleischman WHAT IS IT??? Steampunk is an inspired movement of creativity and imagination. With a backdrop of either Victorian England or America’s wild west, modern technologies are re-imagined and realized as elaborate works […]

Sarah Giustra, Eric Adzima Facebook Live ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’

Two emerging singer/songwriters appear ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ a deep background interview show on joltradio with Buzz Fleischman. Go to: https://www.facebook.com/buzz.fleischman We present these talented performers in a special Facebook Live show which will also air on http://www.joltradio.org on April 2nd 10AM, our regular show schedule. South Florida Alternative rock musician Eric Adzima, […]

Singer/Songwriter Norm Brunet ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ w/Buzz Fleischman

A gifted songwriter and accomplished musician, Norm Brunet (Bru-nay) is also a rare singer with a distinctive vocal style. His ‘smoky-throated’ voice lends a quality of, as Larry Delaney of Country Music News relates, “His voice rings with experience and texture”. Susan Beyer from the Ottawa Citizen gave Norm a nice compliment in a write […]