Singer/Songwriter Norm Brunet ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ w/Buzz Fleischman

A gifted songwriter and accomplished musician, Norm Brunet (Bru-nay) is also a rare singer with a distinctive vocal style. His ‘smoky-throated’ voice lends a quality of, as Larry Delaney of Country Music News relates, “His voice rings with experience and texture”. Susan Beyer from the Ottawa Citizen gave Norm a nice compliment in a write […]

AYE JAYE: Yes he’ll be LIVE and on the inside in ‘Carny’ parlance ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ with Buzz Monday the 5th 10AM

‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ A deep background interview show with host Buzz Fleischman proudly presents one of the most unusual performers of our age! At 10AM Monday March 5th on a man will mystify, amaze and bamboozle you! That man’s name:  Aye Jaye! He is the most unbelievable performer/personality you’ll meet! […]

Bluesman Albert Castiglia “On the Record and Off the Wall Monday 19th 10AM

Listen in to ‘On the Record and off the Wall’ a deep background interview show with Buzz Fleischman as he speaks with Miami blues legend in the making Albert Castiglia. This hard working performer tours extensively both here and abroad. Since the early days with his band ‘Miami Blues Authority’ Albert has been perfecting his […]