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‘The Devil’s Harvest’? Really?

Anti-pot group helps write new legislation The Drug Free America Foundation, who condemned the Florida medical marijuana initiative and was pounded by a 71.3% approval from voters, is helping write the new pot laws. That’s like Jenny Craig endorsing bacon wrapped pizza rolls.” “OK, we lost the vote” said conservative financiers Mel and Betty Sembler, […]

‘Sister Cities’ program with Russia not in jeopardy

In the run up to see whose Johnson is bigger, America is taking steps to restrict importing certain commodities in effect sanctioning Russia and North Korea for possibly having a bigger one (metaphorically speaking) “Even Russian dressing is verboten” said ‘agent orange’, using a German word to describe something invented in New Hampshire. In a […]

Folk and Acoustic Music’s Michael Stock ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’ with Buzz Fleischman

This Monday April 17th The iconic voice of folk and acoustic music in south Florida, Michael Stock, will make an appearance ‘On the Record and Off the Wall’, a deep background interview show  with Buzz Fleischman. Michael has produced and hosted ‘Folk and Acoustic Music’ on WLRN in South Florida for over 35 years and […]